From The President

To All,

The members of the Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association are proud of the role we play maintaining public safety in the communities we serve. “Fighting drugs, gangs and domestic violence” are three signature components of our mission and a key part of our success is the great support we receive from the residents of Ventura County.

VCDSA represents the sworn personnel of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the sworn investigators of the Ventura County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation, and our total membership numbers over 750 law enforcement professionals. Through this website and our community and charitable activities, we want to open the door of the VCDSA to the public and enhance our communication and sense of unity with those we serve. Our motto is “Strength in Unity” and that extends beyond our members to everyone in the County—we are all in this together to ensure safe neighborhoods.

The members of the VCDSA have a long history of charitable giving, resulting in over $870,000 donated to local charities, youth groups and non-profits in the last sixteen years alone. (Click here for more info about our 2016 charitable giving.) This is just one reflection of our commitment to the social fabric here, outside our law enforcement role. We not only advocate for our members and the cause of justice, we actively work and donate funds to improve the quality of life across Ventura County.

Again, thank you for your support of the VCDSA, and remember—“Strength in Unity!”


Nick Odenath, Ventura County DSA President