Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs' Association confidently endorses Anne Marie Schubert for Attorney General


On the heels of 30 years of experience as one of the nation's most respected prosecutors, Schubert is the only viable candidate for the position.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has the outright support of the Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs' Association as she is dignified in successfully ensuring high-profile criminals are held accountable for their crimes. 

For over three decades she has been imperative in the investigation, arrest, and conviction of some of the nation's most dangerous criminals, including the Golden State Killer. 

Schubert has demonstrated that she is passionate about protecting children from sexual predators and human trafficking, and communities across the state would greatly benefit from her experience, skillset and passion serving as California’s next Attorney General.

“The Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association is elated to lend its complete support to District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert for Attorney General. Our association is confident that with her demonstrated track record, brilliance and desire to protect communities across the state of California…she is the most appropriate candidate for the position,” said Nick Odenath, Ventura County DSA President.

Along with her success in prosecuting murderers, rapists and child molesters, Schubert has also aggressively prosecuted a number of major corporations for irresponsible practices that harm the environment and its surrounding communities. 

In 2018, Schubert was awarded the 2018 District Attorney of the Year - Public Safety Guardian Award for showcasing an outstanding job performance, enthusiasm, teamwork and integrity.

Without hesitation, Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs' Association endorses District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert as California’s next Attorney General. 

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