VCDSA President's Message for the New Year

President’s Message

By Investigator Scott Peterson

It is with a heavy heart and a sense of optimism that I bring this year-end message to you.  The events of the past months have taken their toll on all of us.  We mourn the loss of our friend, colleague, mentor, and hero, Sergeant Ron Helus. 

Sergeant Ron Helus

The night of November 7, 2018, will be forever engrained in our minds.  A night of sheer terror for most, punctuated by the heroic act of a man who understood the danger he was facing yet still made the ultimate decision to enter a chaotic scene and face the evil that lurked.  Ron was a hero every day, but his last unselfish act of duty, honor, and courage will always be remembered by the community he served as a “heroic deed.”  For those of us who knew the man, who worked alongside him, who knew his friendship, commitment and the love he had for his family, we will always remember Ron as a man who lived a heroic life each and every day.  Every second of life brings us moments we will cherish, anguish about, and learn from.  Each second provides us an opportunity to bring forth the best in ourselves and impart a lasting, positive impact on those around us.  Ron truly understood that and endeavored to be a great person, a loving husband, father, family man, and a man who put his heart and soul into a profession he so loved (and the second family he cherished so much).  To Karen, Jordan, Ron’s family and friends, I want you to know what an honor it was for those of us who served alongside Ron.  We will never forget the goodness of the man and the leadership he provided.  To my friends, colleagues, and members of Ron’s second family, let us never forget his sacrifice and continue to serve as I believe Ron would want us to, with duty, honor, and courage.  Above all, let us create cherished moments like Ron did, for all of us. 

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