January CPK Fundraiser

California Pizza Kitchen is graciously hosting a fundraiser to support the Burckhard family. As many of you know, Deputy Allen Burckhard is dealing with the tremendous responsibility of caring for his bedridden wife, Christy, who suffers from a debilitating illness that has no cure, three young sons, and the responsibilities of a home, all while being the sole support of the family. The cost of his wife’s home care just so he can go to work is more than his take home salary. There are are actions in play to assist in the long term, but the process for any relief takes a very long time and will only reduce the costs by a fraction. At this point, we are trying to bring any relief we can to the family as her illness (Leukodystrophy) is devastating and long-term.

Because of this, we are so grateful to California Pizza Kitchen for this generous offer. They have decided to include all of their locations in this fundraiser. we need your help to get the word out and make this a huge success.

All you need to do is share this flyer on your social media and via email or text with all of your friends and family near one of the listed locations, and please ask all of your friends to share as well. If all of us share, and everyone you reach out to also shares this info, we can have a tremendous fundraising effort just by doing what we do every day - eating! As you can see, the participating locations spread far and wide, so please help us make it a huge success!

January 8, 2020, during lunch and dinner and all takeout, the proceeds will be donated to the Burckhard family. We are thinking of a salad for lunch and pizza for dinner! Thank you all for your support.

Thank you to Mike Zabarsky for all of his hard work to help a brother! Thank you to California Pizza Kitchen for their generous support.
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