Disturbing Video from our State Assembly

AB 392 is the bill in Sacramento that will change the use of force standard for police officers from reasonable to necessary.  It will change the face of police work immediately and contains provisions that are squarely opposite of the standard set forth by the United States Supreme Court.  On Tuesday, the California Assembly Public Safety Committee passed AB 392 right through to the next step toward becoming law, which was fully expected based on the political makeup of that committee currently. In the link below you will find a video of that hearing. At about 55:20 in, you will hear from a Sacramento deputy describing a shooting where she was shot and her partner was killed.   She is emotional and pours her heart out telling the story of decisions that police officers make every day.  What we want you to know about this is what is the reality of what is going on up in Sacramento, which is rife with bullying and unprofessional attempts at intimidating anyone who does not agree with certain positions.  During the deputy’s testimony, you will hear in the background the large ACLU contingent in the audience cheering her story of the death of her partner and disrupting her speech. 

We at the VCDSA want to make sure that all of our members are kept informed of what is really going on in Sacramento because you will not likely see it on the news.  We want to make sure you see and know the reality because we will be asking for your assistance to mobilize and do everything in our power (without resorting to bullying, untruths or violence) to stop this legislation from becoming law. We cannot wait for the bill to be close to being voted into law; we must get the word out now!

Please watch the video linked below and you will hear from us again in the coming days with more information on how you can help.  Also, please follow Protect CA, PORAC, and our VCDSA social media pages for more information.  We need to band together and prevent the travesty of this legislation.  The majority of people support our peace officers, but the small segment of society who appear to despise law enforcement are doing everything in their power to make their voice heard.  We have to show them our strength and that is in our numbers.  Please send us an email and let us know you support these efforts.  We want to hear from you. 

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