Covid Vaccine Info Part 2


The Covid-19 Vaccine will be rolled out very soon for administration to VCDSA members who choose to receive it.  Many have expressed concerns with the vaccine and we had the same concerns, so the VCDSA Board decided to do some research to educate ourselves and share it with our members.  One of the first things we learned is that the more medical education a person has, the more likely they are to take the vaccine.  That tells us that information is power.

It is our understanding there will be enough vaccines for all active members who chose to take it during these initial rounds of vaccinations, but we have also learned that if you do not choose to take on the first round, you will likely not have another opportunity to get vaccinated until summer.  Therefore, making your decision on whether to take the vaccine will be upon you quickly,  in the next few weeks at the most, and you want to make sure you make an educated and informed decision.  We hope the information we share in this series of emails helps you in that process.  


The below videos are a little long but they include a significant amount of legitimate information to answer your questions.  You can avoid reading all of the emails we send if you just watch one of these videos.  If you are feeling really bold, take the time to watch both.

This video was put out by LA County Fire.  Just click the link and it will answer all of your questions.

This video has two VCMC infectious disease doctors discussing everything you need to know.  It is the same video that was distributed by the Sheriff's department to their personnel.

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